Penny For My Thoughts

Here’s today’s Daily Prompt! I hope it makes cents.

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

I don’t have a couch, a purse, or a car, so I’m just going to open my wallet and pick out a coin. Sound good? Then show me the money!

Penny. 2004.

Nice! 2004 is the perfect topic. I started my blog in 2005, and I was hoping to write about previously uncovered events. 2004 is right on the money.

Okay, time to put my mouth where my money is. 2004 was a pivotal year of my life. It’s like Mike Chin: Origins.

2004 was the year that I learned that TV shows were worth watching and collecting. It started with Arrested Development. Through Arrested Development, I learned about Television Without Pity, and through Television Without Pity, I was introduced to Veronica Mars, then Buffy, then Firefly, then Gilmore Girls, and so on. I began collecting books about TV shows and following specific writers and showrunners. Today, I consider television a huge part of my identity, for better or worse.

2004 was the year that I became serious about learning. I took two independent studies. The first was AP Computer Science, which became an important part of who I am today. The second was Ancient Greek, which I don’t remember much of, but it was fun. Of course, I only had one study hall, so by taking both classes, I essentially had negative-one study halls, so much of the year was spent in the library taking tests and catching up with homework. Very few people took even one independent study, so you can imagine how overworked and crazy I was.

2004 was the year that I discovered that I liked writing. Prior to junior year, English was my worst class, and I always hated it. But something just clicked in my American Literature class. It was probably because my English teacher emphasized the importance of focus and conciseness in essays, and those were my strengths. I even remember my classmates clapping after I read one of my essays for some reason.

I was hoping to have more to write about, but since I didn’t start blogging until 2005 and Gmail didn’t happen yet to archive all my conversations, I can’t remember much. So the above will be my only two cents on this topic.

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